Taylor Harvey on April 29, 2016

Med-School Must Have’s

The modern medical school has changed from what many of the physicians now practicing participated during their medical school experience.  I feel as though the amount of material may not have changed but the way it is shoveled onto the modern medical student has gone from having heads buried in books to staring at a glowing laptop screen.  That is why one of the main things necessary for medical school in the modern age.  A laptop that is solid and dependable but that is probably one of the more obvious pieces of advice a medical student can pass along.  That being said some people try and avoid buying books because of the extra expense that it can add.  For some people they suffice with just staring aimlessly at power point and eBooks but for me there is no substitute for reading a book and holding it in my hands.  It helps me retain much more, I feel.  Some people may advise having a plethora of resources but for me all of these materials can become overwhelming.  I tend to lean towards findings one or two resources that you can rely on and stick with them.  It will become apparent as time goes on that people will find numerous from all over the place.  Personally I have stuck with the tried and true resources of Gray’s Anatomy and Guyton’s physiology textbook, they both are able to give an in depth guide to physiology and anatomy.  I have excelled using these resources so far and do not plan on changing my methods this semester.

Taylor Harvey

Taylor Harvey is an Elsevier OnCampus Ambassador and first year medical student at the University of Mississippi Medical Center School of Medicine.